How To Use String Manipulation Pad

STEP 1. Copy String Data From Your Data Source

You can copy data from Excel, Text Editor, SQL Data Tools, etc.

STEP 2. Paste Data To String Manipulation Pad

Use Ctrl+V (or context menu) to paste your data into String Pad.

STEP 3. Use String Pad Buttons

Use Buttons To Manipulate String Data. Everytime you click manipulation button,
new string manipulation will be applied onto the string data.

At the example below, user clicked #1 button which enclosed each word with
single quotes and then clicked #2 which added comma prefix to each data.

String Manipulation Buttons

Merge to One Line
Merge multiple lines to one line.
Split to Multi-Lines
Split string data by comma, tab, or | character and put them to multiple lines.
Enclose Buttons
String text is enclosed by single quote or double quotes. This can be applied to each word or each line.
For example, if you comma separate data and want to add single quotes to each word, use [Enclose Word with ' '] button.
Prefix Buttons
Prefix comma, tab, or a space character to the begining of the string in each line.
Postfix Buttons
Postfix comma, tab, or a space character to the end of the string in each line.
Trim Buttons
Trim left, right, or both side of the string in each line.
Replace Buttons
Replace tab with comma, or replace comma with tab.
Remove Buttons
Remove all spaces, tabs, or blank lines from the string.
HTML Encoding
Convert string to HTML encoded string.
HTML Decoding
Convert HTML encoded string back to original string.
URL Encoding
Convert string to URL encoded string.
URL Decoding
Convert URL encoded string back to original string.
Clear all string. This is typically used when you want to restart string manipulation with new data.
When string is pasted into textbox, it is stored internally. If you click Reset, String Pad will revert all your actions and reset to original string.
Undo will cancel the last action and revert back to previous string. This is used when you don't like last edit.
Calculate character count, word count, and line count.
Change all text to uppercase.
Change all text to lowercase.
Change text to proper case (title case). First charcter of word will be changed to uppercase and others become lowercase.
Reverse string.

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